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Also a pre-print bioRxiv

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Review on Study unveils new spatiotemporal dynamics of carriers in perovskite thin films


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News and Views in PhysOrg: Researchers create "impossible" nano-sized protein cages with the help of gold.
Review in Science in Poland: Researcher have built a gold-coordinated protein cage with "impossible" geometry. 
Press Release University of Oxford: "Impossible" nano-sized protein cages made with the help of gold.

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Editor's Choice in Microbiology in The Scientist: How Bacteria "walk" across a surface.
Review in Nature Review Microbiology: Breaking free of labels. 
News and Views by Science Daily: Bacteria walk (a bit) like we do.
Review by Colleen Fleiss in Medindia: New Microscopy Visualizes Bacteria Motility.
Article on by Radio Canada: Les bactéries marchent aussi...à leur façon. 


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News & Views by Lee and Klenerman: Science 2018 360: 378-379
News & Views by Han and Ha: Nature Photonics 2018 12: 380-381
Research Highlight by Rita Strack: Nature Methods 2018 15: 477
Science translational medicine blog by Derek Lowe: A new method to weigh biomolecules
C&E news by Mark Peplow: Scattered light weighs single biomolecules Weighing single molecules with light

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(Featured in: APS Physics Buzz Blog, Oxford Science Blog)

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(Selected as Editor’s choice)

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(Selected as VIP paper)

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(Cover article)



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(Featured in: Nature Photonics News& Views)



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(Nature News&Views, Science Perspectives, C&EN news top ten chemistry highlights of 2005)

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(Cover article)


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