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Group Members




Joanna Andrecka
Marie Curie Fellow

Nikolas Hundt
DFG Fellow

Manish Kushwah

Adar Sonn-Segev
Marie Curie Fellow















Graduate Students


 Daniel Cole 

Adam Fineberg Yiwen Li Xuanhui Meng

Anna Olerinyova

Lee Priest

Anne Schumacher

Gavin Young 
Part II's

Jordan Ayling     


Philipp Kukura




Dr Joanna Andrecka - Lumicks

Dr Jooyoung Sung - Akshay Rao, Cambridge

Dr Christoph Schnedermann - Dan Nocera, Harvard

Dr Jongmin Lim - Minhaeng Cho's Group

Dr Torsten Wende - Greateyes

Dr Alex Duarte - ICFO Barcelona

Dr Torsten Wende (2014 - 2016): Greateyes

Dr Alex Duarte (2014 - 2016): Postdoc at ICFO with Niek van Hulst

Dr Alexander Weigel (2011 - 2015): Ultrafast Innovations

Dr Katelyn Spillane (2011 - 2013): MRC

Dr Lars Meyer (2010 - 2011): BASF



Dr Aleksandar Sebesta

Dr Christoph Schnedermann

Dr Gabi de Wit (DPhil 2012-2016): Calumino, Sydney

Dr Jaime Ortega-Arroyo (DPhil 2010 - 2015): Postdoc at ICFO with Romain Quidant

Dr Giovanni Bassolino (DPhil 2011 - 2015): Postdoc at ETH Zurich with Prof Pablo Rivera-Fuentes

Dr Matz Liebel (DPhil 2010 - 2014): Postdoc at ICFO with Niek van Hulst



Andrew Tyler (2016/2017)

Willem de Bruijn (2016/2017)

Ayla Ansari (2016/2017)

Gavin Young (2014/2015): DPhil in the Kukura group

Adam Fineberg (2014/2015): DPhil in the Kukura group

Watcharaphol Paritmangkol (2014/2015): PhD at MIT

Lachlan MacKinnon (2014/2015): Oxford Science Innovation

Helen Cresswell (2013/14): PWC

Katie Lewis (2013/14): Dream job in the city

Robert Pethick (2013/14): Programming in Bristol

Aurimas Vysniauskas (2011/12): DPhil Imperial

Dorcas Tan (2011/12): Teaching in Singapore



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