Kukura Lab



We aim to take 2-4 PartII students every year. The group offers PartII projects across all of the research that we do ranging all the way from laser physics to synthesis, molecular biology and back to biophysics. All projects have a few things in common though:

1. All projects are fully integrated into our general research operation. The expectation is not only that this will produce well-cited and excellent publications, but more importantly have a true impact on the field. You will be supported by senior graduate students and postdocs and will always join a team of people with lots of experience to guide you in the early stages with the aim of setting you free later on.

2. We don’t believe in counting hours in the lab, but rather what comes out in the end. The goal is to get you excited about real research.

3. We always try to give you the opportunity to find out and then do what you enjoy most. This could mean doing only theory, only tweaking a laser or a microscope, synthesising nanoparticles or expressing and purifying proteins or even a combination of all of the above. Since we are very interdisciplinary, you should use this time to find out what you love doing and then do it. We provide a framework, but do not expect to be micromanaged, after all it is your creativity and open mindedness that is most valuable at an early stage.

Two of our students have won partII thesis prizes over the past 4 years.

Please get in touch with PK directly by email to discuss projects and find out more about the group.