21/09/2019: Our publication on a molecular movie of ultrafast singlet fission in cooperation with Andrew Musser 
and Christoph Schnedermann is available in Nature Communications. 


21/06/2019: Our publication on label-free imaging to study pilus dynamics has been reviewed in Nature Review Microbiology.
It was also picked as Editor's Choice in Microbiology in The Scientist. 


16/5/2019: Our collaboration on gold-coordinated protein cages with Jonathan Heddle appears in Nature  

21/3/2019: Have a look at our N&V on Shaky lattices for light-matter interactions in Nature Materials


08/03/2019: Our work in collaboration with Hendrik Dietz on FOXP2 appears in Angewandte Chemie



25/2/19: Check out our paper on
pseudomonas aeruginosa motility in Nature Microbiology

29/6/18: Have a look at TJ Ha's
News & Views in Nature Photonics

21/6/18: Our collaboration with
Helge Ewers applying iSCAT
to living cells appears in BPJ


27/4/18: Our work on weighing single
molecules with light is out in Science.
Here is a perspective and more and more



10/4/18: Adam's paper
on type IV pili dynamics is
hosted on the bioRxiv


19/3/18: Christoph's paper
on the photochemistry of vision
comes to light in Nature Chemistry


7/12/17: The heroics of Gavin, Nik and
many others appear on the bioRxiv
Weighing single molecules with light!


27/3/17: Gabi's paper on the bioRxiv
is highlighted on nanotechweb


2/1/17: Joanna's paper - cutting edge
in Single-Molecule Biophysics by BPJ

18/1/17: Dan and Gavin's label-free single-
molecule imaging in ACS Phototonics

 3/1/17: Matz’s paper on retinal photo-
isomerization is published in Nat. Chem. 


Chris’ paper on vibronic microscopy
is published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

Joanna’s paper on molecular motors
is published in Methods in Enzymology

Jaime's paper on the origin of life
is published in PNAS

Christoph's paper on channelrhodopsin
is published in JACS

Jaime and Dan's paper on how to build
an iSCAT microscope appears in
Nature Protocols


Ringing in the New Year with three papers:
Kinesin dynamics in PNAS
Single molecule optics in Nat. Photonics
Ultraprecise microtubule imaging in BPJ

1/10/15: Three papers in a week!
Barrierless isomerisation of retinal in JACS
Coherent control of single molecules in JPCL 
and lipid nanodomain imaging in PNAS

Matz's paper on time-domain Raman is published in J. Phys. Chem. A

Gavin wins a partII thesis prize


Our work on dark-field microscopy
is highlighted in an editorial and virtual issue
on the international year of light

Christoph wins an EPSRC Doctoral Prize

Philipp wins the Marlow award from the
Royal Society of Chemistry

Our work on singlet fission is published and highlighted in Nature Physics


Joanna's and Jaime's study of Myosin 5 published in eLife is highlighted by the Oxford Science and the APS Physics Buzz blogs




We are an interdisciplinary research group that develops and applies new optical methodologies to study (bio)molecular structure and dynamics. A particular focus rests on the use of light scattering to visualise and quantify the energetics and kinetics of biomolecular interactions all the way from small molecules to mesoscopic structures at the single molecule level. Central to these efforts is the universality of light scattering, making it applicable to all forms of matter and its close correlation with mass, which provides direct information on molecular identity. The result is a comparatively low-resolution combination of cryo-EM and native mass spectrometry, but with the distinct advantage of dynamic solution operation, single molecule sensitivity and imaging capability. 

The Group

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